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Why Anchorpoint office design delves deeper to get results

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As a leading specialist  in corporate and commercial workplace design and build, our clients might expect us to start pulling out colour charts and furniture examples as a first step.

But the Anchor Interiors design process goes far deeper than that. We have a four-step process that takes you from initial feasibility and design through to completed project.

Step one of the Anchorpoint Interiors design process

The first step alone includes a site survey and information gathering process, along with a client brief. We work with our clients to develop the brief as it becomes clearer what they need as the process continues. Step one will also include a concept design, project programme  and of course an outline cost.

Any design begins with looking at the very heart of the business. We find out how the business runs, what its vision is, what happens in the workspace, and any future plans.

This enables us to conduct a design and feasibility study, so that we can create an office space that really works for you and your employees, increasing productivity, encouraging collaboration – even improving staff engagement and retention.

Our aim: to create an office space that your employees look forward to spending time in. This is important because it’s estimated that disengaged workers can cost their employers anywhere between £3,400 and £10,000 in wasted salary each year. Your new office should also be able to grow and transform with your business, and offer your team opportunities to work in the most creative and productive ways.

During the design and feasibility process we will consider:

  • Numbers of staff: this includes staff who work full time in the office, those who come into the office part time, and those who work remotely.
  • What happens or will happen within your office: do you need breakout areas and collaborative areas for brainstorming and spontaneous meetings? Perhaps your team needs meeting rooms with teleconferencing facilities, or flexi areas or hot desking facilities for workers who do not spend all their time in the office.
  • The psychology of how you use your space: this can affect the flow through the office, where you might place social areas, storage, partitions and breakout areas.
  • Your business identity: If your office welcomes a number of  visitors and clients, it will also need to convey your business identity and vision.
  • How much space you need: once we have completed our site survey and information gathering process, our expert team can calculate just how much space you need.
  • How your business might change: we can make the office space flexible enough to suit your growing needs, whether that means more employees or a pivot in the activity that takes place in the workplace.
  • Use of light: making the most of available light will have a positive effect on anyone working within the office. Our expert designers know how to maximise its effect within a workspace.
  • Rules and regulations: whether they are regulations related to suitable working environments, or specific guidance related to returning to the office during the pandemic, our experienced team will ensure they are adhered to within the project.
  • Your budget: we can help you make a business case for the outlay of an office design, and work with you to make the most of the available budget.

While there are many factors to consider when planning an office transformation, Anchorpoint Interiors has more than 21 years of experience in corporate workplace design and build. Our team of experts can guide and advise you to create an office that not only looks great but will also prove to be a productive workplace for you and your employees.

To make the first step towards a new workspace, call us today, without obligation, on 0131 341 3066 or

We’re here to help.

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