Our Culture

We celebrate our wins. Whether that's a team day out or a cake in the office, at Anchorpoint we make sure we don't miss a chance to celebrate any occasion, big or small.
Team Days

Team Days







“Fantastic day, a great opportunity to work with colleagues from across the company in what was a great fun challenge!”


“Team day was really good, it’s nice to have time to spend with your colleagues and not working. The general feeling of working at Anchorpoint is that there’s not a feeling of hierarchy, every single member of the team is as important as the others. I love that everything is celebrated, small wins to big events. Everything is acknowledged, this makes you feel like a valued member of staff, not just a number.”


“Very enjoyable session and great display of the Team Anchorpoint spirit!”











Challenge and prepare to be challenged

We’re always prepared for our opinions to be challenged and feel confident in respectfully challenging the opinions of others, to get you the best solution we can.

Communicate and collaborate

Everything’s better when we work together; so we communicate clearly and work collaboratively with our colleagues, partners, leaders and suppliers. This doesn’t just make us more than the sum of our parts; it makes us fast, dynamic and efficient.

Listen Intently

Understanding our customers’ needs is core to our business, as without this, we cannot possibly deliver the best work. So we don’t just hear people, we listen intently and try to understand them.

See the positive

We try to see the positive in everything we do; this creates opportunities and helps us feel happy and fulfilled.

Stand by your word

We value integrity, so if we make a promise, offer help or give someone a guarantee, we stand by our word.

Entrepreneurial bravery

We’re a team on a mission: to succeed and reach our full potential. That’s why we’re forward-thinking, dynamic and proactive, and if we see a potential improvement or opportunity, we don’t wait; we act on it.