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Can Office Interior Design Boost Employee Performance

When it comes to workplace productivity, your office’s look, feel, and layout matter a lot. Researchers in 2012 have established that interior office design substantially impacts employee performance. 

According to the study, a well-designed office can increase productivity, engagement, and morale, while a poorly designed office can lead to decreased motivation, reduced creativity, and a lack of collaboration.

Open Office Layouts: A Case Study

Open office layouts, or “open plan,” have become increasingly popular in the modern workplace. This type of office design removes physical barriers between employees, allowing for a more open and collaborative environment. 

Open office layouts were popular in the 1950s when companies such as IBM and General Motors began experimenting with the concept. Since then, many other companies and organisations have adopted the concept of open office layouts, including tech giants such as Google and Apple. 

Open office layouts are meant to encourage collaboration and communication between employees and increase productivity and creativity. They were popularised by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1950s, who disdained cubicles, saying they were “fascist” boxes that stifled creativity.

That being said, today’s open offices are a far cry from Wright’s designs. In recent years, open office layouts have come under criticism for their negative impacts on employee health and productivity.

Studies have also shown that open office layouts can increase stress and anxiety and decrease job satisfaction. In addition, open office layouts can also lead to an increase in distractions and noise, which can reduce productivity. Furthermore, open office layouts can also cause employees to feel exposed and vulnerable, decreasing communication and collaboration. 

Finally, open office layouts can also lead to increased spread of germs and illnesses, as employees are closer to each other.

How Do You Design a Good Office Space?

The design of an office space can significantly impact employee performance. To create a productive work environment, it is crucial to create a space that is comfortable and conducive to productivity. 

Interior office designers achieve this by incorporating design elements that promote collaboration, focus, and creativity. Here are three ways to create an interior office design that boosts employee performance.

1. Incorporate Flexible Seating

Providing employees with various seating options can help create a comfortable and inviting workspace. Options such as adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and bean bags can create an environment that allows employees to move freely and be comfortable. 

With office workers sitting at their desks for the whole workday, flexible seating will go a long way in preventing the onset of musculoskeletal problems due to poor posture.

2. Utilise Natural Light

Natural light can create a more energising and productive work environment. Large windows or skylights can bring natural light into the workspace, reducing eye strain and fatigue. 

3. Utilise Colour

Different colours and textures can create a more stimulating and visually appealing work environment. Incorporating bright colours and patterns can create a more vibrant and energising atmosphere that can help to increase motivation and productivity.


The interior design of office space is critical in creating a comfortable, productive, and healthy work environment. Proper design and layout can foster collaboration and communication, boost morale, and increase productivity. 

By considering the needs of the people who will be using the office space and designing an interior that will meet those needs, you can create an office that promotes a positive atmosphere and encourages employees to be productive and successful.

If you are looking for interior office designers capable of creating a positive and productive atmosphere for your employees, look no further than Anchorpoint Interiors. We are committed to providing high-quality interior designs that will promote collaboration and communication, boost morale, and increase productivity. Contact Anchorpoint Interiors today to get started on creating your perfect office space.

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