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Top 7 New Normal Workplace Design Ideas You Must Try

The global pandemic has modified the way we live, work, and interact with each other. As organisations plan to resume operations or redesign their workspaces, it is crucial to adapt to the new normal, ensuring that the workplace is safe, comfortable, and productive for everyone. 

In this article, we examine the new corporate interior design ideas you can implement in your office, fostering a healthy work environment and boosting employee morale.

1. Focusing on Hygiene and Cleanliness

One of the top significant aspects of the new standard workplace design is emphasising hygiene and cleanliness. It is essential to implement stricter cleaning protocols, ensuring that frequently touched surfaces like door handles, desks, and other shared items are sanitised regularly.

Additionally, installing touchless fixtures such as hand sanitiser dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, and touchless faucets can help employees maintain personal hygiene without risking the spread of germs. Also, consider providing personal sanitising wipes for employees at workstations.

2. Redesigning Open Office Layouts

The open office layout, once praised for fostering collaboration, has now become a concern for many organisations due to social distancing requirements. 

To adapt to the new normal, consider adding this interior design for office by:

  • Installing transparent partitions or screens between workstations
  • Rearranging desks to ensure adequate distance between employees
  • Introducing individual work pods for focused, private work
  • Creating separate zones for collaboration and focus work
  • Reducing the capacity of shared spaces like meeting rooms and break rooms

3. Promoting Remote and Flexible Work

Embracing remote work and providing flexibility to employees is more necessary than ever in the new normal. Organisations must invest in the right tools and technology to support this shift, such as video conferencing software, cloud-based document management systems, and project management tools.

Moreover, consider redesigning your office space to accommodate flexible work arrangements, with features like hot-desking, coworking spaces, and smaller collaboration zones. This way, employees who do come into the office have the necessary resources to work efficiently, while those working remotely can stay connected and productive.

4. Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can get to the spread of airborne viruses and negatively impact employee health. In the new typical workplace, improving air quality should be a priority. 

  • Some ways to enhance indoor air quality include:
  • Upgrading HVAC systems to include HEPA filters and UV light air purifiers
  • Increasing ventilation by bringing in more fresh outdoor air
  • Regularly maintaining and cleaning air ducts and vents

5. Incorporating Biophilic Design Elements

Biophilic design, which merges natural elements into the built environment, has been proven to positively impact employee well-being and productivity. In the new normal, organisations should consider incorporating biophilic design elements such as:

  • Introducing natural materials like wood, stone, and plants in the office design
  • Maximizing natural light by using large windows and skylights
  • Creating outdoor workspaces, such as rooftop gardens or terraces
  • Incorporating nature-inspired artwork and decor

6. Prioritizing Employee Well-being

In the new normal, employees’ mental and emotional well-being is more critical than ever. To support employee well-being, consider incorporating the following design elements in your workplace:

  • Designated quiet spaces for relaxation, meditation, or focus work
  • Ergonomic furniture to support proper posture and reduce physical strain
  • Access to fitness amenities like on-site gyms or discounted gym memberships
  • Encouraging work-life balance by creating clear boundaries between work and personal spaces

7. Adaptable and Agile Workspace Design

Adaptability and agility are essential for businesses to thrive in an uncertain world. Your office space should be designed to accommodate changing needs and evolving workstyles. 

Consider implementing the following design ideas:

  • Modular furniture that can easily be rearranged to create different configurations
  • Flexible workstations that can be customised to suit individual needs
  • Adaptable spaces that can be easily transformed for various purposes, such as meeting rooms, breakout areas, or event spaces


Embracing these new corporate interior design principles can help businesses and organisations navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic world while also fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture. Ultimately, a well-designed office space can contribute to the long-term success of any organisation, helping them attract and retain top talent and support the overall well-being of their employees.

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