17 November 2014 | The new office for a blue chip client in Glasgow has been designed with a focus on human interaction in mind. Read on to find out how.

Location  Glasgow    Year  2014

Size of space  32,000 sq.ft.    Time frame  12 weeks

Introducing  The new three floor upgrade for a city centre location.

The client's brief  To provide a design and build solution for a city centre head office that has the optimum balance of working, meeting and breakout space, and to upgrade to a bright an vibrant environment.

How we transformed the space   By building a mix of open space and private areas, we've given their staff options to work solo or as part of a team where and when they need it. We've introduced bright and bold colour themes in line with their desire to have a vibrant working environment. We also included communal spaces where employees can eat and relax, private space for both team and visitor meetings, and open-plan work spaces for great team collaboration.

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