16 January 2017 | To help get the best out of your workspace in 2017, we have explored 5 of the top office design trends for this year.



Flexible Layouts

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Workplaces shouldn’t be about just giving staff a place to work in but should also be about being flexible in how your staff can work. With technology advancing and working environments getting busier, a well-designed workspace should include different working environments to suit a variety of different tasks, such as quiet pods for concentration, or open spaces for creative networking. Having dedicated zones will allow employees to choose whether they need to work together or get away from unwanted distractions, resulting in improved productivity. This will be a key design feature for 2017, including hot desking, meeting pods, breakout areas, stand up desking, and foldable boardroom tables, to name a few examples. 


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Colour is inspiring and motivating. Office colours and shades can play a huge part in how effective your office interior design is. Instead of the standard office colours, a modern office combines vivid, bold colours with a variety of trendy designs, patterns and graphic prints, giving a vibrant, creative theme. Not only does this apply to walls, but also furniture and structural elements too, inlcuding pillars, beams, floors, lights and stairs. Various features can be used such as company branding, motivational quotes, and neon signage. However, it is important to get the balance right and not go 'over the top' with bright colours. Anchorpoint's advice for your office is to choose 2-4 vibrant colours and create a simple but effective theme throughout your workspace using these colours, on desk screens, chair trims, wall branding, or carpet tile patterns.

Outdoors In

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A trend that's continued on from 2016 is the idea of bringing the outdoors into the office. With office workers spending around eight hours a day inside, we can see the benefits of bringing more natural elements into the workplace. The idea of bringing plants and lighting into the office in order to increase productivity is known as biophilic design. This is the idea that there is a connection between people and natural elements; by incorporatiing that in to your interior design you can reduce stress and boost productivity. Incorporating living walls and placing plants around your office are some examples of how bringing in natural features can have a positive physical and psychological effect on employees. Plants in the office can also absorb sound and help clean the air. 

Integrated Technology

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This is a trend that will increase throughout 2017. We will see wireless charging of devices become more common in the workplace if providers support this feature on future phones. Built-in power adapters and multimedia capabilities can help in making the atmosphere efficient and functional, removing the risk of the inevitable tripping hazards. Also with offices evolving to have more touchdown spaces, the need for somewhere to plug-in laptops and charge phones is increasing.

Dedicated Lounge Areas

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Lounge areas where team members and employees can keep their feet up and relax is a vital inclusion that has been on the increase in the current hectic workspaces. The areas help to encourage rest and also support a more fun work experience, leading to increased productivity. Whether you work in a strict 9 to 5 daily schedule or a round the clock busy program, these office design trends are definitely worth considering, if you are looking to make your office an enjoyable and comfortable workplace.

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