The NEW Anchorpoint Interriors Brand

5 September 2016 | Anchorpoint Interiors have rebranded and we're rather pleased with the results so we thought we'd share them...

Our new brand fits the way we're currently working plus the high level of accuracy and detail we go into with our clients any time we reinvigorate a workspace.  Creating bespoke, effective workspaces that improve productivity, elevate brands and engage teams requires a brand mark that is bold and to the point - and our new one certainly fits the bill.

We've worked closely with our Branding Agency to develop a brand that our team can get behind and our clients will instantly recognise.  By caring for our own brand we're showing we care for our client's as well.

We make space work for everyone
A space needs to work in multiple ways so that it will enhance your business, elevate your brand and empower your team. Because of this, our starting point is always a chat with you, to uncover exactly what you need your space to look like and function like to benefit all three.

We’ll finish at the point where style meets function
Rule number one of Anchorpoint projects; there’s no sense in creating a workspace that looks good if it can’t function exactly how you need it to. Our designers and builders therefore work closely together, finding
a balance of both style and usability to develop a workspace that’s right for your brand, your business and your team.

Enhance. Elevate. Empower.
Whether it’s enhancing your business through increasing business performance, elevating your brand through creating lasting impressions, or empowering your team through improving engagement, your space can work harder for you than you might think.